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Transforming Rural Maharashtra through Disruptive Agricultural Technologies

Are you a Disruptive Agricultural Technology (DAT) solution provider looking to work with farmer organisations?

Deadline: June 6, 2022

It’s your Opportunity to

About Us

The SMART  Agtech Integration Facility (AIF)  is a unique collaborative concept to connect Disruptive Agricultural Technology (DAT) solution providers with Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) and Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) in the state of Maharashtra to provide them with the most relevant solutions to address their critical technological needs. If selected, the Facility will assist DAT solution providers in contextualizing their solutions to best meet the needs of FPCs and PACS in Maharashtra.

Thematic Solutions

We are looking for DAT solution providers that cater to the following broad thematic areas:

Solutions for FPCs/PACS
Solutions to support the digitization of farmer data including member details, land and crop profiles, financial details, as well as data on day-to-day operations such as warehousing and inventory, packaging, and labour management.
Value Chain Actor
aggregation Platforms
Digital platforms to provide farmers with an end-to-end understanding of the demand and supply for their produce, and ensure standardization and high quality of produce to the end customer. Value chain actors may include input providers, advisory services, buyers and tradesmen, logistics and transportation providers, and financial institutions.
Precision Agriculture &
Automation solutions
Use of individual, farm-level, and spatial data using drones, GPS, etc. to guide farmers in adopting production practices, soil management, and nutrient management processes with a view to promote sustainable production through the use of tools such as IoT devices and other automated equipment.
Urban Food Systems &
Logistics Solutions
Technology solutions that can ensure the availability of healthy food which is sustainable and economically accessible to urban populations. This includes segments like quality checks, standardization, digitization and certification across services in primary processing, processors, storage management and logistics.
Market Iinkage &
Traceability Solutions
Technologies that trace produce from farm to plate, including the provision of information such as production practices used, nutrition levels, quality and safety of food, and stakeholders involved at each stage of the food chain
Access to Financial
Interventions including provision of working capital, long-term capital, and insurance services for FPCs/PACS